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Small Business

We take a look at 6 key areas of your business to help ensure you make the most of the financial opportunities you may be given. 

Asset Protection - 

What are the most common threats to the asset that can

be protected?

• Lawsuits and judgments

• Creditors

• Asset Protection for heirs

• Divorce and remarriage

• Mismanagement or wasteful spending

• Estate taxes

Retirement Planning - 

Can you answer these key questions?

• How much do you need?

• How much will you have?

• How much more do you need to

set aside?

• Where should you put it?

Income Tax - 

Not trying to predict future tax

rates; but, rather designing strategies that help:

• Minimize current taxation

• Provide tax diversification in order to help maximize future flexibility

• Do most of your income tax concerns come from earned income or unearned income?

• Of the assets you own, are you heaviest in:

• Value that has already been taxed; or,

• Value that has yet to be taxed?

Capital Risk - 

A Business is a Unique Asset. Unlike other types of assets:

• The business owner’s death can impact the asset

• The asset value can be influenced by key employees

• Most businesses are illiquid so special

care and preparation must go into

selling or “exiting”.

Can you answer these key questions?

How would your death impact:

• The continuation of the business?

• Your family that depends on the income that comes from the business?

• Co-owners or partners of the business?

• How would your business be impacted if your best employee died or left?

• What is your strategy to exit or transition out of the business?

Income Protection - 

Can you answer these key questions?

• How much assets would it take to replace your future income for the benefit of your family?

• How much assets do you currently have?

• If you are short...

1) Would your family’s standard of living drop?

2) What other sources could provide the necessary income?

Estate Planning - 

Estate Planning is directing . . .

• The right property

• To the right people

• At the right time

What can happen if you do not direct your assets?

• They most likely will not end up with the right person at the right time.

Can you answer these key questions?

• What do you own?

• How do you want heirs to receive it?

• How do you get it to them?

• How can you maximize the benefit?

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