The Largest Challenge

It's takes a lot of time and energy to start and keep a business running.

We know things like employee issues, health care, payroll, and cash flow typically demand attention but a larger problem of not having a long term plan can create a greater impact and is easier to ignore. That is why people partner with us, so you can stay focused on your business without needing to be a financial expert too. 

Our 6 Key areas

6 Key Areas

Retirement Planning

Often the business is the largest asset, when and how to tap into it becomes an important question. Our advisors manage investable assets and we look at how, when, and where to set money aside. If most of your net worth is invested in the business, diversification should be examined. 

Capital Risk

A business is a unique asset. Unlike other types of assets the business owner’s death can impact the asset and the value can be influenced by key employees. Additionally, most businesses are illiquid and so special care and preparation must go into selling or “exiting”.

Are you confident you will get what you feel is the full value? Will there be a new generation?

Asset Protection

What are the most common threats to the asset that can be protected?

• Lawsuits and judgments • Creditors • Asset Protection for heirs • Divorce and remarriage • Mismanagement or wasteful spending • Estate taxes

Income Tax

Not trying to predict future tax rates; but, rather designing strategies that help minimize current taxation and provide tax diversification in order to help maximize future flexibility.

Do most of your income tax concerns come from earned income or unearned income?

Of the assets you own, are you heaviest in value that has already been taxed or that has yet to be taxed?

Income Protection

Our advisors consider if your ability to show up to work each day would negatively impact those who you care for. How and where would those assets come from to cover that possibility. 

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is directing the right property to the right people and at the right time. What can happen if you do not direct your assets? How can we maximize their value?   From your perspective, what would be the benefit of putting together a succession plan now versus five years from now be? 

Other services

6 Keys Areas are just the beginning

We have a menu of items our advisors can provide related to the areas above:

  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Cash/Debt Mangement/Structuring
  • Mortgage Analysis
  • Gain/Loss Structure/Impact
  • Estate Liquidity
  • Gifting Strategies
  • Charitable Planning