Designed with You in Mind

 What do you want to happen when you retire? When you pass on? 




Your life and financial plan are always going to be all about you! Each plan our advisors create is customized to your specific situation. 



Starting with your goals our advisors incorporate your risk tolerance, time horizon, asset allocation, cash flow needs, tax-efficiency*, Social Security analysis, and health care needs. 



 There is a power in the process we provide by helping to reduce the emotion and stress of financial planning and provide encouragement and execution of a plan.  Designed to help you learn the principles of sound financial management and guide you toward the progressive realization of your goals. 


A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish

Additional Information

We'd like to challenge you to think differently from other advice you have heard. Many financial plans assume only one outcome despite many variables. Having the right flexibility, allocation, and diversification can help you mitigate different risks.** Each situation is unique and so we always begin with a brief no-cost appointment to determine if we are a good fit. A data meeting typically follows the initial meeting where all information relevant to the engagement is assembled and confirmed. At this point, we can determine a favorable path to move forward with you. We have a variety of services which you can choose. You'll be sent an engagement letter, advised of the total cost (which varies depending upon the number of services you desire) and you can decide to accept, reject, or reconsider the services.  

As part of The Valued Capital Advisors team, we provide access to CFP® and tax professionals to increase the scope of the work that we can do. We are a group of advisors who share our strength and knowledge for the betterment of our clients as we believe no one person has all the answers.  We put technology to work for you. Ask us how.  

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